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Defender Kit
Black with Laser
Smoke Detector
HD Hidden Spy Camera
with Built In DVR
Protect Yourself From Dogs
Mace Canine Repellent
Be Prepared
Survival Gear
Hide Valuables In Plain Sight
Diversion Safes
Safety Kits

We Have the Protection for your Home, Family and Yourself Offering for Sale the Best Self Defense Equipment and Home Security Products. Our On-line Security Store is your Best Option to Purchase Effective and Affordable Security Gear, Self Defense Products and Safety Supplies for both your Home and Personal Protection at Discounted Cheap Prices.

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Whether you are man or a woman, the security of your home, your own personal protection and the safety of your family is the most important responsibility you will ever have. Unfortunately, the world that we live in is not a safe place we all must share. It is a world where bad things happen, even to good people. Life as we know it today simply is just not safe and regardless where we all live, bad things can and do happen all the time. At some point in your life, you or someone you know is likely to become victim of a crime such as home burglary, robbery, theft, assault or even murder. 
It doesn't matter whether you're a man or woman, the best way you can reduce the odds of becoming a victim is to own the best personal defense and home security products available. We all need security protection that offers safety for the family, security for the home and all of its assets. Considering the cost of crime, investing into the best self defense, home security  products will be easily the best investment you ever make! There is no value we could ever declare for the family's safety nor for the peace of mind these protection products provide.
Self-defense supplies, home security equipment and other safety protection products available do offer the protection we all need using a variety of different techniques. Your personal needs, male or female, determines what self-defense gear and security equipment is best for you, your home or your family. The best idea is to assess your family situation and lifestyle to uncover where you are most vulnerable.
Our online store offers all of the best personal safety equipment, security and self-defense products to provide the protection that you think you need. In addition to buying self-defense equipment, home security gear and other safety devices, it is also important to have a plan that suits your personal needs. That plan should include you and your family members knowing what to do if they should ever need to use that gear, supplies or products that you bought to protect them and/or the house. Having dry run practices aimed at different emergency scenarios greatly increases the chances of being able to safely and successfully use the products and devices you bought and most importantly, staying calm in an emergency.

Your investment with Self Defense Products USA and all of it's self-defense products, home security equipment and other safety products are effective and we make them easy to use with support that is second to none, anywhere! It is unacceptable to find yourself in a dangerous situation and have a defective product or worse yet, not knowing how to use it. There are many websites and online stores offering different types of self-defense equipment, home security products and family safety personal gear for sale.
The difference between these stores and our online store is the quality our security products have.  They a have proven use history with few or no negative reports. We provide detailed directions with one on one support available whenever needed. We eliminate the daunting task to research and find what products are best for you that include solid guarantees. Not all other self-defense, security and surveillance online stores do the same and why we claim our support is second to none!
Don't put it off till another day if you do not already have the security protection you and your family and assets need. We deal directly with the manufacturers, with no middle man that empowers us to offer some of the best discounted on line prices and sales anywhere. The investment you make today with us and the self defense and security products purchased will be the best deal you have ever made. Who can out put a value to the protection your family needs that includes peace of mind.